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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>. >> live from the broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> when trayvon martin was first shot i said that this could have been my son.
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another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me. >> president obama gets quite personal in his first public remark after the verdict in the death of trayvon martin. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. president obama tackle one of the most radioactive issues we still face. race and bias in america after comments people posted these images of try von and the president as young man side by side. more now from jim avila. >> reporters scramble. half empty white house press room jolted by a rare surprise visit from the president of the united states. >> anybody else showing up? >> after talking to his wife michelle and calling senior staff that the oval office the president decided late yesterday to speak from the heart today about the consist of trayvon martin. >> when martin was first shot i said that this could have been my son. another which of saying that is trayvon martin
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could have been me. 35 years ago. >> in highly personal remark equal part president and law professor but mostly african american male. barack obama reminded the country why the zimmerman verdict cut so deeply in the black community. >> african american community is looking that the issue through a set of experiences. and history. that doesn't go away. is very few african american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when shopping in a deputy store. that includes me. >> obama did not challenge the verdict but did talk about how life experiences maericans quesy are treated equally in the eyes of the law. >> that all contributes to sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that from top to
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bottom both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different. >> the president suggesting more could be done. split training to the avoid racial bias. rae view of stand your ground law. administration says may promote rather than prevent gun violence. and the bolstering of the self-esteem of young black men. >> then finally i think it's important for all of to us do some soul searching. >> in the end president obama went personal again. hearten by the racial progress he sees from his daughter generation. >> as you know when i talk to malia and sasha and listen to their friend and see them interact, they are better than we are. >> finally invoking the constitution itself as the nation continues 230 year struggle with the diversity. >> we are about becoming a more perfect union not a perfect union but more perfect union. >> this is abc news washington.
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>> remarkable day at the white house. web site political reports that obama staff cheered and did fist pump during this morning unscripted comments. aide say he expressed strong opinion privately and reluctance to talk about the verdict surprised them. trayvon martin parents release a statement thanking him for saying what he said about their son. they said it gives them strength. and the brothers of george zimmerman says he too is glad the president spoke since so many people have been waiting for it. but robert zimmerman says he believes focusing on race alone quote does a disservice to the country. in response to the martin killing oakland students march in support of peace today. kid from oakland freedom school carried signs that said i deserve life and i am trayvon martin. and my life matters. we also talked to youth mentor who says he sees the effects of violence on black youth almost every day in his job at oakland funeral home. >> too much killing going on.
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doing a funeral for 2 men young men 23 years old. more going on. a lot of trayvon martin being buried today. more you go for the kid. got a lot of anger and kids feel like life is over with for them. all they do is be with try von martin. >> walker says he brings the kid he coaches to his fawn rall home to better understand the finality of death. happening now in oakland tonight. we tack the pictures of several groups walking 4 miles from franco georgia washington plaza to the fruitvale bart station where demonstration and demonstrators right now holding a vigil to demand justice for trayvon martin. location is symbolic of course because that's where oscar grant unarmed black man shot and killed by bart police officer in 2009. there is a large contingent of police surrounding that group trying to make sure it stays peaceful. business ins oakland meanwhile are preparing for potential fall out from more protest coming this weekend. business
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boarding up the window as you see and installing surveillance camera. 1,000 people are expected to democrat state against the george zimmerman verdict tomorrow. last weekend protest turned violent and one developer we spoke with is hopeful. >> i think everyone is praying for peaceful protest. clearly there are some people who may not choose that path and i think our mayor here in oakland jean kwan and chief of police come forward and said they are going to do what they can to mitigate that problem. >> police of course will be out in force. department has rent add fleet of white advance for moving officers if protestors get out of hand. >> on to other mothers tonight. the san mateo county coroner says that an asian airlines passenger who survived the crash was killed by an emergency vehicle racing to the scene. it was taken it has taken these two week since the crash for student cuss of death
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to be specifically determined. more tonight from 7 news transportation reporter heathe heather. >> 16-year-old girl was on her way to visit stanford and then to christian camp in southern california when asian flight 214 crashed at sfo july 6. most cruel twist of fate the coroner now says she survived the crash. only to be killed when hit by an emergency vehicle responding on the runway. and the coroner says there is no way to tell what if any injuries she might have had from the crash before being run over. >> she has crash injuries consistent with motor vehicle. another incident prior to that it would be very difficult that the time to find out which one of those were. >>reporter: her body was found near the left wing about an hour after the crash. where she had been covered under at least a foot of firefighting foam exploratorium fire chief of says the kind of vehicle that hit her was likely one or more of the specialize aircraft rescue fire fighting rig
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stationed at the airport. >> obviously this is very difficult news for us. we are heart broken. we are in the business of saving lives. and many lives were saved that day on july 6 related to flight 214. >> first responders were dealing with extraordinary circumstances at the crash scene. some passengers and crew escaped uninjured some had to be rescued from the plane while fire and threat of explosion was growing. and there was a large debris field along the runway. in addition to her, the classmate 16-year-old was eject from the plane and killed and 15-year-old ping died from her injuries in the hospital last week. the coroner met with all 3 family yesterday. haze white has offered to do the same. the chinese consulate issued a statement today that read in part we urge the involved part parties of the u.s. side to deal properly with the aftermath of her death and investigate and fix responsibility for the tragic accident. >> all of the involved
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firefighters were given drug and alcohol tests after it was discovered that clearly a fire vehicle had run over this victim. ntsb does really thorough investigation including interview of all the passengers and crew. hopefully that investigation report might give us a better understanding when it comes out of exactly what led to this tragic accident. in millbrae, abc 7 news. >> and just this afternoon asian airlines flight 214 had to do a go around before landing safely. 214 is the same flight number as the plane that crashed earlier this month. pilot was supposed to land on runway 2 8 left same runway where the crash happene happened. there is no explanation for today's go around. in other words abort the take off and go around again but the faa points out they are not unusual and can occur for a variety of reasons. not always an emergency. >> 400 acre fire still threatening to shut down the grapevine section of interstate 5 in kern county. south bond
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license of the freeway is closed. officials there have issued an evacuation order for about 2 dozen homes in that area. chp says big rig on the side of the freeway may have sparked a fire. >> in the mean time fire officials are urging more people to evacuate because of the massive wildfire in the mountains here above palm springs. it his now grown to nearly 25,000 acres and still only 15 percent contained. today fire officials issued evacuation warning for 700 homes in pine cove. that's on top of the 6000 people evacuated three days ago from a tourist town of idyllwild. officials say the fire is spreading in 3 directions so it is really challenging and tough to get a handle on. >> we are being impacted by the wildfire in southern california as well up here. about a bay area and sandy is here with details on the smokey area that sandhya we see and breathe. >> smoke traveled hundreds of miles from southern california. i'll show it to you here in just a moment. leif doppler 7
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hd watching the fog near the cost. inland year still clear and check out the latest satellite image. this is latest one available and you will notice that the smoke from the mountain fire worked its way up to los angeles bakersfield and all the way up to the bay year earlier this afternoon. in some of the tower cam we were seeing just thin layers of smoke. now as you look at live picture from the exploring camera right now visibility looking good. we are expecting the air quality to remain on the moderate side at we head into saturday. bit is due to ozone as we are expecting the heat. i'll be back with look at how hot and where you mate want to go if you don't lick the heat. just in a few minutes. >> okay thanks very much. >> one more weather note. this dust storm in phoenix late this evening provided these remarkable images. you can see how massive it is. it is the second one to hit the area in less than a week. time to wash the car in phoenix. >> mother nightmare is over thank goodness. coming up. she is rae unitd with her baby
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taken from her at gun point. story you see only on abc 7 news. >> also ahead. outrage tonight over the catholic church plan to put up luxury housing on this old cemetery. >> and star trek the real mcco mccoy. locally developed did he vase inspired by the sci-fi he vase inspired by the sci-fi classic
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st. >> domestic incident near summit hospital led to freight engine chase in oakland today. caught on tv only by abc 7 new news. father pushing his infant daughter in a stroller and carrying a gun in the other hand. threatening to kill both the baby and himself. it was terrifying. 7 news reporter laura thoip was there when the officers moved in. >> this is cull my initial of bizarre fat chase on the streets of oakland. after man took his baby at gun point from his girlfriend the child's mother. and ran down telegraph avenue with the child in a stroller. >> running down the street with
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stroller and gun. >> stroller gun and baby. yes. boyfriend girlfriend dispute. >> shoot himself and the child if she reported domestic abuse to the authorities. >> spokesperson for summit medical center tells abc 7 news after the three-month old infant daughter was taken from her the mother ran in one of their medical buildings asking for help. several security officers from the hospital then followed the man until police corner him gun drawn at telegraph and 36. >> i heard him say get down get down. >> charles johnson lives nearb nearby. >> pretty crazy to keep your own child in danger. danger in the child life as well as yourself. that type of situation. >> with the about a he be in the stroller few feet away the suspect stashed his gun but wouldn't get down on the ground as order sod police tazed him. few minutes later the mother was reunited with her young daughter. >> how is the baby. >> baby is fine. young baby
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has been reunited with her mom. >>reporter: the baby and mother were both checked out there at the scene. by paramedic. also the suspect was examined after being tazed. he of course now faces multiple charges. in oakland laura anthony abc 7 news. >> new problem tonight for the bay bridge this time it is the western span but you can see in the live picture. suspension part of the bridge. cal-trans says it will have to replace 96 giant seismic shock absorber worn out 20's as quickly as they expected. shock installed as part of big earthquake retrofit in 2004. they were originally scheduled to be rae placed in 2000 24. didn't last nearly as long as they hope. the fix will come from bridge toll. more work on the bay bridge. >> okay. sandy is np for spencer. we wouldn't have it any other way. heat is back. like it hot on the weekends but we also look cool and foggy in
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some parts of the bay area. we do. >> we have the full summer spread in the bay year. we give you the typical summer day for the saturday. with the 90's inland and the other upper 50's low 60's coast side that's what we did today. do it all over again tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd tomorrow showing the fog near the coast. pushing in over parts of the bay visibility right now half machine bay down to 3 miles. look at the high for today. 98 degrees in antioch. got up to 94 in fairfield livermore 80 in san jose. up to the north bay. santa rosa. triple digit middle town clear lake ukiah san francisco comforted by a little bit of fog 67 agrees half man bay with cool spots at 59 degrees. shoying the view we lack back out towards the bay there pretty good visibility there. 55 in san francisco. oakland 58. and it is currently very comfortable 63 in san jose. 62 if santa cruz. check out the view from the kg o roof cam are. see the
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bay bridge there. embarcadero a little bit of a breeze. santa rosa. napa upper 50's. same thing for novato. still mild in livermore. 73 degrees. this is morning may lack leak. we have some fog around as you look at the golden gate bridge camera. fog around the coast and bay tonight. hot inland and mild near the coast for your saturday and a little bit cooler sunday through tuesday. >> all right happened with the hot air mass here today. inland heat will actually peak tomorrow as the air mass sits over us and then we will see changes come about. second half of your weekend. so tomorrow morning watch out for the fog and maybe dense in pockets. temperatures in the low 50's to low 60's. pretty good sleeping weather tonight. not going to hang on to much of the heat but tomorrow afternoon it will warm-up in the south bay. 90 in morgan hill. for san jose. 89 los gatos. 81 in milpitas. don't like the heat just head to santa cruz. it's comfortable 74 degree day on the peninsula sunshine by afternoon. palo alto mountain
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view low 80's. 73 in millbrae. coastal flats in the low 60's. downtown san francisco south san francisco. upper 60's. sunset district 62 with some lingering fog in the afternoon and in the north bay 62 at stinson beach. upper 80's around santa rosa, sonoma, 90 in calistoga. triple digit staying well to our north. ukiah at 104 degrees. in the east bay oakland hayward 70 mid 70's 79 in castro valley. inland spots right around where you should be for this time of year. slightly higher. livermore 95. 98 antioch. 95 fairfield 95 in san a ramone. hot no doubt bit. but we always provide you with the summer. mick row climate with a place to good. don't like the heat by sunday a little bit cooler low 60's to mid 90's and then we cool you off to the m id to upper 80's early next week with extra clouds coming in fromnd dan already knows this. it's the monsoon moisture.
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>> from the scenic arizona area. >> coming in our way. filter the sun and drop our temperatures. sea breeze brought in. >> aids walk san francisco and abc 7 is once again a proud sponsor last year estimated 2 25,000 people gathered for the annual event in golden gate park. walker this sunday see themselves on the abc 7 jumbotron when they walk by checkpoint 3. bunch of us there and see you there. streaming it leif on our web site at 7 slash live. a lot of fun that day. please come join us on sunday. bunch of from us abc 7 will be there with you. still register call this number on the screen. >> aids or text walk sf to this number on the screen. come on out. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. plan to bring license plates that the digital age.
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i'm a beli >> that license plate on your car may getting a new look in the very near future. there's a proposal to put high tech plates on california vehicle. now soil imagine a license plate with digital screen and wireless technology. but others say not so fast. what about privacy here. of we have that story tonight. >> the car of today are so advanced with gps back up camera and other high tech extras except. >> one thing on the car that is still 20th century is the license plate stamped metal we think it can be done more efficiently here and more at
9:26 pm
better cost potentially through digital technology. >> measure at the capitol would unable dmv to create a pilot program starting with up to 160,000 fleet vehicle that would allow digital license plate on a small screen. >> the demonstration on you tube show what is one mate look like for a mets psych. have wireless capability so dmv can directly update the registration once you pay and maybe even help cop locate a stolen car. >> gordon bean bought a pre-owned car and supports the idea of bipassing the dmv. state spends 20 million dollars a year on postage alone for renewal. >> i think a lot easier. come down here to pick up the taking or mail anything in. i wouldn't have come down here with my police to get new one. >> this advertise under development but new jersey has this idea. south carolyn company says it can go as far as shaming drivers with messages of expired or
9:27 pm
uninsured across the screen. >> this will be big brother watching us. >> brave situation group are concerned. wireless technology means we can be tracked. the nsa proves that. and aclu report out this week reveals many law enforcement agency across the country are keeping data gathered during license plate scam in parking lot and road. electronic frontier foundation would like to see more protection. >> consumer simply giving up 0too much of the private data and it's the legislature job to protect average californians from overly intraws i have government snooping. >> i think they go too far with a lot of things. i think things should be the way they are. there's no need to stipulate up. if they work, not work fix it. >> if the pilot program is approved and successful enough for the public tech experts say the digit plate could eventually show advertising when the vehicle is stopped for 4 seconds or more and be a money maker for the state n.sacramento, abc 7 news.
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>> coming up here. tragedy 14 stories up. coming up. woman dies while riding a roller coaster. what happened and whereas we continue. competition for those popular food truck heating up. you could call it what is good for the goose is good for the gander. >> inexpensive camera and hay tech couple add up to burglar worst nightmare. busted and broadcast from hundreds of broadcast from hundreds of miles away.
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>> now from abc 7 news. >> good evening again. texas authorities are investigating the death of a woman while riding a wooden roller coaster at 6 flags over texas near dallas. witness who was next in line to the woman says the victim was not secured properly on the texas giant roller
9:32 pm
coaster. witnesses saw the woman whether was sitting next to her son tumble over the side. can you imagine. ride is closed pending further investigation. texas giant boast a 79 degree drop from 14 stories high. in the mean time this is what the shoot the rapid ride normally looks like at the amusement park in ohio. tonight the boat accidentally rolled backwards down a hill slightly injuring all 7 people on it. it's not clear what caused that mishap. >> cushion tonight by some of the inmates participating in a a mass hunger describing atros california. guards are trying to break the strike by blasting cells with cold air confiscat confiscating legal documents and in one case banning lawyers. that's incorporating to lawyers and relatives for the inmates. prison official denies it. hunger strike began july 8 with 30,000 prisoners revving to eat. 12 days later 2300 still have not eaten. inmates say solitary confinement amounts to torture.
9:33 pm
guard say the eyes las vegas is a vital tool against gang violence. >> neighbors in fremont are upset that new housing track is about to be built open portion of cemetery that is nearly 200 years old. today abc 7 news reporter thomas caught up with a man who claims that he has proof that there are still bodies buried at the old saint joseph cemetery. >> totally sure of that. bet my house my car not my family. >> he is betting still bodies buried under proposed housing development once part of the saint joseph cemetery in fremont. he lives next to the burial ground says he watched as 251 graves were dug up to make room for the 5 and a half acre development in 2007. >> they dug up all the bodies in the we and then they stopped. they didn't dig up any of the body in the east. >> showed mawps of where the bodies were rae moved from the will many 200-year-old cemetery and where he claims still casket guard in the area where the homes will sit.
9:34 pm
construction has begun. so he's made his findings public on facebook. found support from other neighbors and parishioners who want to stop the new homes from being built on hallow ground. tom heard about the plans and came to check on his father grave. >> i didn't think they were disturbing them but make sure that those that are at rest here stay at rest here. >> oldest head stone dates back to 1887. what really has infuriated them is the church moved some 240 remains into this one grave site. >> he was buried up on the hill with beautiful view lot d he was dug up and cramped in a mass grave. that is just disgusting. >> he says he doesn't believe anyone will want to live in a home where still possibly bodies buried underground. he's written to the developer even bridge homes in los altos asking them to shelf their plans and not heard back. we are also waiting for comment. saint joseph church sold the
9:35 pm
property for more than 5 million dollars. money goes new church and if any other remains are found during construction they will rebury them properly. this is 7 news. >> part of the by san jose police arrested a man sues pebingtded in a machetee attack in arizona. mr. is say sanchez on the run since december. investigation led him them to an apartment in the pearl avenue in south san jose. he tried to tunnel out where he had been holed up. after several hours of negotiating wednesday tonight police say sanchez surrendered peacefully. >> well ever since food truck exploded on to san francisco streets there has been some tension with brick and mortar restaurants. not happy about the competition. well now as lillian kim explains, restaurants figure you can't beat them, join them. >> doesn't look that different than typical truck but the orange and white bus is bringing san francisco
9:36 pm
restaurant scene to the 9:00 to 5:00 crowd. >> the slide percent chips. i have the kiwi salad. >> restaurant take turns offering food. she was thrilled she got to order from dump licensing king. >> way out in the outer richmond i used to live by there i saw they would bring it here for lunch. that was amazing. >> palo alto base club came up with the idea. 40 restaurants participate in the mission and the kitchen in the tenderloin and dinosaur in the cast from. >> so we have a team of people who scour the city who know what is already good and who find undiscovered things that people need to know by. service is entirely driven so everything ordered on line. made ahead of time at the restaurant and warming up until handed out. the kitchen owner says it happened at downtown lunch business. about soil.
9:37 pm
far only one bus in the city but if it catches on more should be coming. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> food on wheels. well despite appeal the postal service says it will sell 100-year-old post office in downtown berkeley. group citizen to save the berkeley post office says it is lacking at legal action to try to stop the sale. cut back at the postal service has it unloading more than 3000 post offices across the country. >> well this is wild. it's did he vase first imagine on the original star trek series. 40 or 50 years ago. now local company is working on a real life medical tri-quarter in
9:38 pm
laboratory at nasa. as job thon bloom explains the idea is so pop already it's breaking records. and there's one day left to get yourself an early prototype. >> what are you doing. >>reporter: when the crew of the starship enterprise landed in san francisco. they brought some pretty advanced medical did he vase with them. perhaps the most famous is this one. >> feeling a bit foggy. i would like to take you to sick bay. >>reporter: medical tri-quarter that grabbed a patient vital signs in an instant lives on in the old movie that he keeps in his lab here at nasa aims research center. >> suppose this would be in the hand of consumer. like you would have the power not only to know what is going on with this but to help others e-that was the inspiration for the scout. lake the star trek version that comes in two pieces. scanner was original nell made to look just lick the movies. but now it's a little easier to hold. computer did he advise you already have that. it's your smart phone.
9:39 pm
>> i'm going to hold it up to my forehead like this. >> engineer showed us how the scout reads the heart rate temperature bloop by holding it between yourrs and your forehead. >> every time i do this demo in front of camera my heart rate goes up. >> make it easy enough people will do it often and start to learn about their own health. >> by heart rate is indeed low but it's always been low. look at over the three-month it's always been like that. >> idea of this little did he advice has apparently made enough people heart pound. just set a new record for the most heavily funded campaign ever. >> when we are click for this, it came from all over the mraichls at 200 dollars a pop more than 8,000 people in 100 country ordered the early version of the skouchlt among the testers who help them win fda approval. still a few left the crowd funding campaign ends saturday at midnight. this is
9:40 pm
abc 7 news. >> how that be an early adopter and help with the fund raising effort we have a link on our site. >> coming up next. couple who wanted to watch the dogs while on vacation they captured a prowleren steady of their pooch. >> plus homecoming that underscore
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i. >> one thing to find a burglar in your home. another to find him while you are on vacation. hundreds of miles away. that's what happened to seattle couple using a couple of gadget that make it easy to catch a thief. neal karl has the story. >> you might call this candid camera burglar edition because
9:44 pm
of the very real burglar you are watching near seattle not only doesn't know he's on camera. he doesn't know this 90thy home camera system is sending a text message straight to the homeowner e.first thing i thought is my god is this really real? because he's so kind of stereo typical lick something in a comedy or something with the black pants and black jacket and the black face mask and it took me a minute to kind of go. okay. no this is really happening. >>reporter: melissa didn't want her last name used and her husband were on vacation in idaho. when her cell phone alerted her that the motion sensitive camera she set up to keep an eye on her dog were capturing something else. moving in the house. she clicked on the app and saw this video live. >> he was coming back that the garage and had his shopping bag full of our stuff and was just kind of looking to see if there's anything else he can get. i medley called my naichbility don't go over. someone is in my house. >>reporter: the neighbor
9:45 pm
called 911. real time high tech bust. >> ncaa the way this really helps us is that that burglary in progress it's happening it's fluid it's right now. the person is still in there may not even know. bad guy still in the house may not know that we are en route. >>reporter: in theen the mask introduceder got away but not before dropping everything he had taken and putting his mug front and center on camera. so the police can pay him a visit. this is abc news seattle. >> how great is that? >> soldier who spent 6 months over seas came home to find a good friend had not forgotten about him. watch. >> oh. oh, my gosh. oh, my. oh. all right. >> i know. >> isn't that sweet. >> that lieutenant and his dog black lab obviously over joyed to see her pal. video posted on you tube shows a joyous
9:46 pm
reunion. the dog starts to whim perfect despite income his owner lap and when the lieutenant asked his dog did you miss me, well the howling only gets louder. >> daddy was gonna long time. [ dog craig]. >> i know. >> oh, sound like the answer is yes. >> i know. >> they call them man best friend wow! touching. northern france famous for the dramatic cliff. has a little dramatic cliff. has a little something extra
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
. >> well rae minders in france to be very careful where you walk. here's what happened. authorities there are issuing warnings after huge section of cliff collapsed on to the beac
9:50 pm
beach. spectacular sight was captured on video bay beach gore look at that. roughly 3 30,000 tons of rock split from the cliff near the city of hbo and plunged to the beach below. nobody hurt but pretty spectacular. a little scary. >> one last check on the weather. sandy is here. >> let's check out leif doppler 7 hd. fog at the coast. mostly clear sky well inland tomorrow. expect the heat inland where you will see mid upper 90's. it's sunny. 70's and 80's around the bay. coastal area in the low 70's. so keep it nice and mild for you. with some lingering fog as you check out the forecast for san francisco aids walk on sunday. it's going to be in the mid 50's in the morning. coming up to the upper 50's. sunny brick by 1. 60 agrees then dropping down to the upper 50's there so for aids walk san francisco. great lacking weather. dan ashley there with the band to push and perform and entertain the crowds. jumbotron temperatures cool a little bit on sunday continuing
9:51 pm
into early. >> great day great weather put every walker on the jumbotron. >> throughout at the station really fun. >> thanks very much. >> larry is there as well. big day. first thing opera. >> that's what this is. what the people want. >> you should hear him in the commercial break. >> high note for you. >> giants get it back into contention. best way to start. team in first place opening second half of the season against the d-backs. hitting high note and low point at the same time. thought would you sing. sing. >>
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. protest tovrs just arrived at the fruitvale bart station where large police presence has gathered. life update on this fifth night of demonstrations over the trayvon martin killin killing. and the new bay bridge is supposed to withstand mainly earthquake. what about the person span. we have a little more on the major upgrade that is ordered by cal-trans that was a bit
9:55 pm
unexpected. those stories and more coming up at 11 on channel 7 but larry here and giants down the street. a's elsewher elsewhere. >> in southern california and without hip. he crushed everything in home run derby. not playing in. a start the second half of the season. in anaheim. he took batting practice and then was scratched with sore wrist. not playing. aj griffin. al west 12 starts of the season. this crushed his 16th of the year. 2 nothing angels. weaver thrown 24 straight scoreless innings against the 8. 8 k. griffin roughed up in the fifth. eric right down the line. for just the fourth of the year. then 2 batters later here it comes and there it goes. mike trout. look at griffin. he knows. another one? both solo homer that was trout
9:56 pm
16th as well. right in and out angel leading 4 nothing and they are in the 9th. giants with hall of fame broadcaster simmons celebrating the 90th birthday and throwing out the first pitch. bringing it. life is good. giants get started in the first. buster double in the gap off kennedy. the score from first. 8 strike out tonight in 7 scoreless frames. also a little help from defense. pall gold smith. towering play ball have no fear. he's here. winds were wild out there. almost over ran the ball but still tremendous catch. giants up 2 nothing and they are in the eighth. tiger woods is very much in the hunt at the british open. just ahead on the leader board one of the great characters in golf. miguel jiminez who has never won a major. jiminez with the trademark warm-up. get the knee into it there. 49 years
9:57 pm
old. trying become the oldest major winner golf history shot a 71 even par 3 under up by stroke. shot of the day. robert missed the cut at 11 over but see this. this is 100 foot putt on 15. you think well just get it close lack at the wind. and the ball going going going and it's in for an eagle. for. yesterday poulter needed a win. he got the wind mill. tiger woods birdie 18. 2 under par even par 71 for woods one back. look at phil. great putter in the game. sometimes he just does this. that was for double bogey plus 3 on the day. one over and 4 back after that collapse on that hole. so jiminez with stroke lead heading to the weekend. fwhoodz a 4-way tie for second place 2 under par. rory my goodness. missioned the cut. 12 over par. >> difficult out the today.
9:58 pm
wind complete different direction than it was yesterda yesterday. on top of that we have had quite a bit of moisture on the greens overnight. made a couple ball mark early. >> take oh, for the american century championship. use the stable for this system. 3 point for every birdie. gloves. birdie on 14. 2 handicap. tied for fourth with 22 points. griffin. allen and they have more in common than just shooting 3. >> played with my dad back in late 90's. in milwaukee so we talk about shoot around that go out and shoot with the guys when i was a kid. so i haven't played golf. this is the first. we good way back. >> ready for some football. training camp open next week. today the 49ers acquire corner back wright from the buccaneer. in exchange for 2014
9:59 pm
conditional draft pick. wright had 37 tackle and one pick in 10 games last season. see what he can do in crowded secondary. toughest straight up for 127 miles. raining on top of that. portugal there took the stage. chris still has the over all lead ahead by 5 minutes with just a couple of stages left. foregone conclusion that going to win but still have to finish it up. >> no smbinging. >> not in the last 5. >> power before whatever happened. >> 20 second penalty. >> okay. >> is that for all of us. >> no. >> only if you want to win the race. >> that's the 7 news on all of us here we really appreciate your time. hope to see you again over on channel 7 at again over on channel 7 at 11:00 o'clock. our reporting
10:00 pm
damn it, damn it, damn it! this is such a stupid [bleep]damn situation.


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